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Our Oak Blend Barn Wood Boards & Accent Wallboard is our most versatile hand-selected premium wood.

This is the perfect canvas for any of your rustic decor, modern farmhouse barn wood style projects. Authentic vintage reclaimed oak, salvaged, hand selected and de-nailed. The texture rich grain is all original, non-sanded and the surface will keep your eyes wondering, admiring each board's individuality.  This premium oak & mixed hardwood supply is weathered gray to brown in colors. Perfect for accent walls, bar tops, shelving, tabletops, barn doors, loft doors, benches, coffee tables, mid century modern furniture designs and any project that calls for rustic, reclaimed hardwood. 

Where to buy? Premium Raw 2x6 Lumber

Purchase Premium Raw 2x6 Oak lumber by appointment:

Contact (904) 834-Wood (9663) for price & availability.

Please inquire for orders requesting prompt pickup or shipping. 

Please inquire for orders requesting prompt pickup or shipping. 

Design schedule is subject to availability, shipping cue, processing and require lead-time to prepare order. When reserving your order, we’ll coordinate a delivery or pickup time.

Old Barn Style | Reclaimed Wood
(904) 834-Wood (9663)

Sold as solid 2x6s or re-sawn to thin accent wallboard

Oak Blend Info

More About This Current Stock:

➣ True woodworking, furniture design, decor and professional grade material 

➣ Denailed Lumber, Re-saw, mill or planing ok, with NAILS REMOVED.  See Video

➣ Rough-sawn 2"x6" aka “8/4” saw mill cut lumber with milling options for accent walls

➣ Authentic rustic, hand selected reclaimed hardwood

➣ Majority of Oak & hardwood species of Southern grown trees

➣ Weathered gray to brown in colors

➣ Blemishes, nice character, nail holes, saw marks and not all 100% straight 

➣ Untreated 

Rough sawn 2x6 Length Options:

➣3ft & 7ft Lengths available  (3' & 7' avg. max length, width & thickness varies slightly)

Indoor & Outdoor finishes:

➣ Recommended for indoor unless specifically treated / sealed / coated or Shou Sugi Ban Yakisugi for outdoor.

➣ #notpalletwood, old fence material or stained lumber

Upon placing your order, delivery or local pickup may be arranged.

Delivery will be charged separately. Shipping is based on order size, current area rates, timeframe and availability.


Optional & Exclusive Premium Finishing Process

Premium Finish & Sealer | Lightly Sanded

After we carefully select and design your order, pieces are lightly sanded then we seal each side with an unparalleled urethane blend containing citronella, a water and stain resisting polymer and a natural spice insect repellant. 

Our premium matte-transparent sealer allows the wood breathe while protecting, preserving and enriching the finish for years. This beautiful finish will make your products interior-ready with no additional prep work required. 

Suitable for bar tops, tables, countertops, benches, barstools and other high activity applications.

We also offer this option specifically formulated for outdoor applications. 

*The ends of the boards may have fresh cuts exposing the grain. 


More Info

Additional Information offers beautiful reclaimed wood, putting you closer to completing your project and less time sourcing and preparing lumber just to try and match the authentic rustic patina we have available now. Check out our Styles, Finishes & Designs for examples.

✪ Current inventory is ready for your DIY or construction project. Pieces have a variety of character, rustic antique patina, saw marks, check marks, splits and nail holes. Mixed species of “hardwoods” can be found in each bundle and contains a large majority of oak, both red and white. Boards are selected at random and are a mix of hardwood species from the same origin. 

✪ Why support We offer 100% genuine reclaimed wood, recovered from our own efforts with minimal transporting and eco-footprint. We’re proud to offer authentic and premium wood from a true recycling initiative. 

✪ Easy to buy, select total "quantity" from a standard max length up to 7ft (84") or opt for up to 10ft (120") planks.  

✪ Help us to preserve and discourage buying freshly cut lumber just to be manufactured in attempts to achieve the rustic appeal 

we’ve been up-cycling into homes, restaurants and businesses.

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Contact us about orders requesting prompt pickup or shipping. Shipping, availability and processing time are subject to scheduling and may require lead-time to prepare order. 

Proceed with reserving your order and we’ll coordinate delivery or pickup with you. 

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