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2x6 Vintage Weathered Oak | Raw, Hand Selected & De-Nailed


This is the perfect canvas for any of your rustic decor, modern farmhouse barn wood style projects. Authentic vintage reclaimed oak, salvaged, hand selected and de-nailed.

Accent Wall & Reclaimed Wood Feature Wallboard


We've got it, solid oak reclaimed accent wall. Weathered reclaimed wood with plenty of character & nail holes.

Custom Finished Items, Bar Tops, Tabletops & More


Tabletops, vanity tops, island tops, bar tops, countertops, benches, shelves & more.

Shou Sugi Ban Yakisugi Charred Wood

shou sugi ban yakisugi Japanese charred wood handmade in Jacksonville, Florida

A must see. Click to go to the Shou Sugi Ban Charred Wood page.

Wholesale, Commercial & Millwork Shop Lumber


Offer it because we've got it available for your company to resell it, install or mill to a finished product.

Live Edge Slabs & Beams


We sell and custom engineer full sized mantles, shelf slabs and offer full-length beams in a variety of finishes, both rustic and modern premium finishes.

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Please inquire for orders requesting prompt pickup or shipping. 

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