Vintage Lumber & Modern Design 904-834-Wood (9663)

Old Barn Style | Reclaimed Wood & Design

Info & Policies

  • Please inquire for pricing by completing the Quote Form
  •  Processing time and availability is subject to scheduling and requires lead time to prepare order. 
  • Sold as-is, no returns or exchanges on supply.
  • Stock bundles contain a consistent mix of hardwood species from the same origin and may contain the following attributes: rough sawn, may include nails, previously used, naturally discolored, untreated to the best of our (sellers) knowledge, distress marks, saw marks, cracks, splits, defects, no paint, all hardwood, large majority of Oak.
  • "8/4" or Rough Sawn 2x6 sized boards indicate a rough measurement of 1.5”-2” thick X 5.5” to 6.5” wide and items may not all be a "true" board, both parallel and in measure. 
  • Inventory and pricing change due to market rates and stock level. We do not guarantee stock or prices unless you've recieved and paid an emailed quote with current dates  & stock availability. Once customer has paid (money exchanged) orders will then be processed according to scheduling. We may cancel custom orders at anytime without refund of deposit.  (We certainly don't intend on this happening, please have a clear conversation of expectations prior to ordering.)
  • Pickup orders require drivers to secure their loads with their own straps. We will load.  
  • We ( / Barn Scout LLC) will not be responsible for any accidents or "acts of God" upon or after loading customer supplied pickup vehicle.  Customers are allowed to load their own orders if they choose.