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Old Barn Style | Reclaimed Wood & Design

Styles & Finishes

Raw Rustic


De-Nailed | Untreated: De-nailed, no additional preparation, maintains natural patina, character and appeal  No sealer or finish is added. The ends of the boards may have fresh cuts exposing the grain. 

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Premium Finished Items


Premium Finish & Sealer | Lightly Sanded

Sanded then we seal each side with an unparalleled urethane blend containing citronella, a water and stain resisting polymer and a natural spice insect repellant. 

Our premium matte-transparent sealer allows the wood breathe while protecting, preserving and enriching the finish for years. This beautiful finish will make your products interior-ready with no additional prep work required. The ends of the boards may have fresh cuts exposing the grain. 

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Shou Sugi Ban | Charred Wood

Shou sugi ban yakisugi custom furniture designs

Shou Sugi Ban Yakisugi | Charred Wood

Each custom and specialty created piece will keep your eyes wondering in it's carbon-black, texture-rich surfaces. 

The beautiful flow of woodgrain is highlighted in all it's glory. Japanese Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi wood-charring technique is a proven, natural style of wood preservation. Via the blackening process, longevity of the wood is strengthened and lessens the chance of failure by encapsulating the piece in a carbon layer, then coated and sealed with a natural oil. This additionally minimizes and prevents mold, rot, insect infestation, sun damage and the need to seal, stain or paint for it's lifetime. We love it, you and yours will too.

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Heart Pine Beams


Premium Finished / Raw

Heart Pine Beams / Charred


Some of our heart pine beams were salvaged from historic downtown industrial buildings that were affected by fires. We process them into beautiful feature pieces. 

Build barn doors, tabletops, bar tops & More with our supply

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Our supply is perfect for floating shelves, bookshelves, countertops, bar tops, custom bathroom or utility sink, mantles, barn doors, loft door, railing, molding, coat racks, utility racks, benches, barstools, artisan wood sliding ladder, storage or toy chest, key rack, workbench, siding, outdoor showers, decks, outdoor kitchens, bbq stations, fences, garden boxes, driveway frame, sidewalk railing, shutters, window frames, doors, gates, seating and everything else calling for rustic wood.

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Shou Sugi Ban Charred Wood


Our Specialty & Favorite Natural Wood Finish Will Last A Lifetime

Custom Barn Doors


Single and double loft or barn doors are great room dividers and exterior gate solutions. 

Custom Bookshelves


Floating shelves, storage shelves and bookshelves using reclaimed and recycled wood. 

Custom Tables & Benches


Order handmade furniture for your home, business, restaurant & bar. 

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