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Please note that although all lumber images on are from our actual inventory, some are presented in their raw form, while some photos are of premium finished, sanded and sealed end-products. 

✪ offers beautiful reclaimed wood, putting you closer to completing your project and less time sourcing and preparing lumber just to try and match the authentic rustic patina we have available now.

✪ Current inventory is ready for your DIY or construction project. Pieces have a variety of character, rustic antique patina, saw marks, check marks, splits and nail holes. Mixed species of “hardwoods” can be found in each bundle and contains a large majority of oak, both red and white. Boards are selected at random and are a mix of hardwood species from the same origin. 

✪ Why support We offer 100% genuine reclaimed wood, recovered from our own efforts with minimal transporting and eco-footprint. We’re proud to offer authentic and premium wood from a true recycling initiative.


✪ Help us to preserve and discourage buying freshly cut lumber just to be manufactured in attempts to achieve the rustic appeal 

we’ve been up-cycling into homes, restaurants and businesses.

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