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Additional Information

✪ This is a solid reclaimed hardwood of rare and premium salvaged wood from Southern grown hardwoods all the way to beams from  Historic Downtown Jacksonville, FL.'s industrial buildings

✪ Custom sizes available per order request.

Finishing Options

Charred & Finished: Preparation includes sealing to maintain the charred patina and prevent it from rubbing off. With plenty of character and appeal, select your level of HOT, All Carbon Black or Smoked with visible woodgrain.

Premium Finish & Sealer:

This option available on all options except All Carbon Black, where a different method is applied.

We seal each side with an unparalleled urethane blend containing citronella, a water and stain resisting polymer and a natural spice insect repellant. Our premium transparent sealer allows the wood breathe while protecting, preserving and enriching the finish for years. This beautiful finish will make your slab interior-ready with no additional prep work required. The ends of the boards may have fresh cuts exposing the grain. 

Raw Untreated:

De-Nailed | Untreated: De-nailed, no additional preparation, maintains natural patina, character and appeal  No sealer or finish is added. The ends of the boards may have fresh cuts exposing the grain. 

➣ Authentic rustic, reclaimed

➣ Blemishes, nice character, nail holes, saw marks

➣ Perfect for professionals, woodworkers, designers, hobbyists, DIY

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