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Old Barn Style | Reclaimed Wood & Design

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Want a tabletop, bar top, coffee table or other item made from our reclaimed wood?

After you contact us with your request, we custom quote,  build / finish items with our design methods & style.

The images featured throughout the website are of our flagship premium reclaimed lumber (2x6 salvaged vintage oak) in addition to our other available varieties of material.

We also offer premium finishes that block out bugs, UV, rain, water, moisture and stains. Indoor, outdoor & commercial applications.  Learn more below.

We take pride in custom-making each item for you to enjoy for years ahead. Our sustainable creations look great in your home, office, lobby, restaurant, bathroom, garage, salon, shop, bar, patio and more.  

Up-cycled material has been given a 2nd life and made from our premium reclaimed wood, as pictured throughout the website.

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Optional & Exclusive Premium Finishing Process

Premium Finish & Sealer | Lightly Sanded

After we carefully hand-select, assemble and design your order, pieces are lightly sanded then sealed with an unparalleled urethane blend containing citronella, a water and stain resisting polymer and a natural spice insect repellant. 

Our premium matte-transparent sealer allows the wood breathe while protecting, preserving and enriching the finish for years. This beautiful finish will make your products interior-ready with no additional prep work required. 

Suitable for bar tops, tables, countertops, benches, barstools and other high activity applications. We also offer this option specifically formulated for outdoor applications. 

*The ends of the boards may have fresh cuts exposing the grain. 

Old Barn Style | Reclaimed Wood
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