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Upcycling Vintage Wood Into Modern Design

Upcycling Vintage Wood Into Modern Design

Upcycling Vintage Wood Into Modern DesignUpcycling Vintage Wood Into Modern Design

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Old Barn Style | Reclaimed Wood

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Old Barn Style | Reclaimed Wood Wood Shop

2650-6 Rosselle Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204, United States

Workshop is by appointment only. (904) 834-WOOD (9663)

Phase 1

Reclaimed, dismantled, hand selected premium reclaimed wood

Menu Options:  Raw Wood-to-Fine Furniture

  1. Raw, ready to woodwork, rough sawn 2x6 planks. 
  2. Focal & feature wallboard cuts. 
  3. Fine Up-cycled Furniture. (Dining tables, coffee / console / entryway tables, countertops, shelves, bench seats, mantles, vanities & slabs)
  4. Specialty & Premium Finishes.  (our products)

Handmade Workshop & Retail Lumber Sales

✪ Handmade Workshop is by appointment only

2650-6 Rosselle St. Jacksonville, FL 32204

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Old Barn Style | Reclaimed Wood

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Vintage Lumber Raw Material & Finished Items

✪ Are you a professional interested in large volume? 

✪ Looking for barn doors or custom handmade furniture and feature walls for your home, business or restaurant?

✪ Do you have a barn or structure that you want demolished?

Order custom woodworking and reclaimed wood in Jacksonville, Florida, Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale Fl

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Old Barn Style | Reclaimed Wood

(904) 834-Wood (9663)