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Premium Upcycled Vintage Lumber & Custom Woodworking

Great things can happen when barriers are overcome. We reclaim premium & specialty / vintage wood and upcycle for you, your designer and contractor.

Use our weathered & rustic, reclaimed hardwood boards and reinvent the beauty & character within each piece. 

Check out our photos & examples for a variety of achievable finishes such as antique wood, distressed wood, sun bleached wood and more. Also you'll beautiful hardwood beneath the surface when planed or cut. 

Our vintage oak is a time-tested, proven and versatile material that has individual natural beauty in each piece. Our weathered, rustic, untreated supply won't disappoint, whether in modern or antique wood designs. 

Reclaimed wood is very forgiving to work with, don't be intimidated to challenge yourself and build something great. Use the many resources available to achieve your dream design, starting with our hardwood 2x6 lumber. 


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Professionals Partners

Connect with us on your next project. Whether DIY, a contractor or if you'd like to hire a professional, get in touch so we can help realize your hardwood project goals. Expanding our network in Florida.

If you're a professional, in addition to bulk wholesale pricing on supply, share your company specialty with us. 

Many of our customers have a design in mind that needs building, tell us how we can work with your team. 

As we grow our customer base, the  build requests grow too. Connect with us to learn more about our partnership program and bulk wholesale pricing for your company.